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Fake Followers Are Ruining Influencer Marketing

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Fake Followers Are Ruining Influencer Marketing

With claimed returns of 6.5 times for every dollar spent, influencer marketing is definitely a bet that brands want to place with high stakes. But, is it really legit?

CNN estimates that approximately 83 million Facebook accounts are fake accounts. Twitter is estimated to follow distantly with more than 20 million fake accounts. Business Insider states eight percent of Instagram accounts to be fake.

Let’s face the truth. The massive fan following of our favourite celebrities, politicians and the myriad of social influencers seem to have aren’t legit. Plus, you can always ‘buy’ followers to retweet, like, share or do whatever on social media to make you look popular.

How to identify fake followers?

For a marketer signing up a real influencer is quite a challenge. There are no definite checkboxes to be ticked to ensure that he or she is someone who can really kick up a storm in the social media circles. However, it’s always possible to do some groundwork to check if their so called fan following is true and existent.

Here are the typical characteristics that influencers with fake followers exhibit:

1) Sudden spurt in followers

Building a fanbase doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to create great content that lures people. Moreover, there is a time gap between each content to reach users and then receive a feedback. That said, a sudden spurt in followers, and that in hundreds and thousands overnight is not possible.

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